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Adjustable Beds

Don’t spend 1/3 of your life on the wrong bed!

Why an Adjustable Bed?

What is it that you want from your bed? A great night’s sleep? A comfortable place to read or watch TV? A perfectly suited place to cuddle with the one you love?

We offer you a great bed, but more bed that you may have even known existed. Our adjustable beds allow you to gently raise your legs and head to relieve the pressure on your spine and hips; they are often prescribed for sleep apnea, acid reflux, and hiatal hernias. They can also massage you with a soothing wave massage with variable speed rhythm. Most of all, they make your body feel and function better. And in that, we take great pride. Click here to learn some of the benefits of an adjustable bed.

Comfortaire : Air Adjustable Sleep Systems

Air Adjustable Sleep Systems provide the ultimate in custom contouring to your individual needs. Each side of the bed has a personal control. The modular construction allows you to customize the type and density of foam that you prefer to have between you and the air chamers.This should be the last bed you ever have to buy.

Electropedic Adjustable Bases

Since 1964, Electropedia has been at the cutting edge in rest technology. Durable, their bases support a 800 lb. capacity.

100% Natural Latex Foam Mattress

100% Natural Latex Rubber. These premium mattresses allow you to choose different firmness. The products are available in range from very firm to very soft. Latex conforms to your body instantly. You don’t have to wait for it to recover its shape when you move in bed.

Innerspring Mattress

Engineered to bend on an adjustable base. They are available in both regular top and pillow top.

4 Models of Adjustable Beds

We carry 4 models of adjustable beds, in all sizes.

Why carry 4 models of adjustable beds? Just looking at the top of an adjustable bed they all look pretty much alike. However, it’s underneath that makes the difference.

1. E-90 is our economy model. Head and foot elevation with corded hand control.

Weight limits: Twin @ 300 lbs; full @ 375 lbs; queen @ 425 lbs.

Warranty is 1 year full, 20 years prorating (electrical excluded)

2. K95 base has stood the test of time, even though the warranty is the same as the E-90. It features center mounted lift motors allowing the head and foot lifting forces to oppose and cancel each other. The vibratory massage is the “true old Niagara Cyclo-Massage,” which will penetrate deeper into the muscles. Hand control is cordless with one programmable position setting.

Weight limits: Twin @ 300 lbs; full @ 375 lbs; queen @ 425 lbs.

Warranty is 1 year full, 20 years prorating (electrical excluded)

3. M-SE base is a 600 lbs. capacity frame that is available with the “old Niagara Cyclo-Massage” and cordless hand control with one programmable position setting. All pivot points consist of case hardened shoulder bolts and ceramic bushings, rather than rivets. This feature minimizes friction and greatly increases the life of the lift motors.

Weight limit is 600 lbs. on each model.

Warranty is lifetime on the frame and 5 years on electrical parts.

4. TM-V is a 3-function adjustable bed that contains vertical lift. It is available in sizes twin xl (=80” length) and xxl (= 84” length), full xl, and queen.

Weight limits: Standard @ 250 lbs; heavy duty @ 600 lbs.

Warranty is 1 year parts.