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Why Paul’s Is Better

Adjustable Beds

By slightly elevating your head and legs, the lumbar curvature of your spine is placed into a neutral position, free of tension and strain, and your internal organs settle into their most natural position. You are consciously more comfortable, and your body is at rest.

That is what a quality adjustable bed offers you.

Buying an adjustable bed can be confusing, especially from inexperienced sales people who migrate from one job to the next. To properly educate a consumer regarding the full benefits of adjustable beds and their unique features takes a complete understanding of the products, and that only comes with years of professional experience with these beds and the personal relationships with the customers who own them.

I’m Paul Mattek, and I’ve owned Paul’s Therapeutic Furniture for nearly twenty years. I’ve watched as adjustable beds moved from hospitals into Austin’s most luxurious homes. My wife, Barbara, and I understand more than the basic functions of the beds. We know each manufacturer, and can tell you each bed’s individual strengths, as judged by its history as it’s passed through our store. And we know first hand from our personal use how wonderful a good adjustable bed can make you feel.

Whether you’re looking for an adjustable bed to give you a wonderful night’s sleep, have special mobility needs that such a bed will help you overcome, or simply want to pamper yourself with the many features that are available on a great adjustable bed, we are able to guide you to the best bed for your situation.


Along with our adjustable beds, we sell the finest mattresses on the market. Whether you require an air mattress, memory foam, innerspring or latex, we offer the best mattresses in central Texas, made by such companies as Comfortaire and Electropedic. Perfect for standard and adjustable beds, our series of mattresses provide dream-like comfort.

Lift Chairs

We also offer lift chairs by Golden Technologies and Med-Lift. Beautiful, comfortable, and precise and powerful enough to help the most fragile client or the largest and most robust, we’re proud to offer you the best lift chairs on the market.

Once you have selected your new bed or lift chair, our professional staff will deliver, set-up and walk you through all of its features. Our job is not done until you have fully explored and mastered your bed or chair’s features. After delivery, assistance is always just a phone call away.

Please contact us for your best sleep needs. We look forward to hearing from you.